Netizens React As A Police Officer Preaches On The Street To Win Souls For Christ [Video]


A police officer has stirred massive reactions after he was caught on camera preaching God’s word in his uniform

Many Nigerians on Instagram who reacted to the video were surprised by the officer’s passion for the gospel

With a microphone in his hand, the policeman walked up and down on a street in Abia state to pass his message

A Nigerian man in a police uniform has stirred massive reactions online after he went preaching the gospel on the street.

Sharing the video on Instagram, @instablog9ja claimed that the event took place on a street in Abia state.

In the very short video, the man with a microphone in his hand spoke to people about the kingdom of God.

Nigerians have since expressed mixed reactions to the development, with many saying the sight is strange.

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