Ghana Laws About to Make “Side-Chicks” Entitled to Husband’s Properties- Sampson Lardi


In Ghana, the word “side-chick” has grown to become the norm. They are essentially mistresses who date in addition to one’s girlfriend or wife. There are many reasons why they have become this famous. Many people believe “Side-Chicks” have a darn appealing and also deliberately do whatever possible to make men feel like heaven on earth.

Their works are mostly secret and they always face fierce fights with wives and girlfriends of the man they are dating. Some marriages are ruined because of “side-chicks.” Other wives and I dare say girlfriends have also grown to appreciate that they cannot do anything to men but allow them to keep these mistresses in their relationship.

But the true challenge comes when the man dies without a “will.” A cursory look at the PNDC’s Intestate Succession law 111 makes it clear that there is no way an unmarried woman gets a share of the properties of the man. Besides, the law essentially fights for the women to the extent that when both parties die in an accident, the law assumes the man died first, therefore the woman and her children stand to enjoy an elephant share of the properties and the man’s family gets an infinitesimal share.

However, it appears things are about to change. Today, after Lawyer Sampson Lardi was done with his Joynews’ Newsfile show, he hinted that there is an addition to the Intestate Succession law 111 that will make “Side-chicks” entitled to some properties. He indicated that he will throw more light on the matter Sunday, September 19, 2021, on Joynews. The men on his show burst into laughter.

Shocked as you may also be, I want to know how it feels for a nation to tolerate polygamy in such an unashamed manner. Perhaps we should make a date tomorrow and watch the program before we pass our comment on the matter