Adu Safowaa in big trouble after she insulted Akua GMB


After insulting the ex-wife of business billionaire Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah, known in showbiz as Akua GMB, Kumawood actress Joyce Adu Safowaa has lost her official Instagram page.

It’s unclear what prompted Instagram to deactivate Adu Safowaa’s account, but one IG user speculates that she may have reported.

According to the account user who uploaded screenshots on Instagram, Adu Safowaa’s account was removed in May after she reported her to Instagram.

Adu Safowaa was excessively loud, according to the anonymous user, who decided to report her account.

After appearing in the renowned Adonko Bitters television commercial, Adu Safowaa became well-known.

The reporter posted a screenshot of an Instagram feedback message stating that Adu Safowaa’s page had been deactivated as a result of the report.

Adu Safowaa’s account has been deactivated, according to the notice, for participating in hate speech, which is against Instagram’s community guidelines.

Take a look at the image below: