Captain Smart Sends Humble Warning To The Ga Mantse, This Is Getting Serious


It is time for the Ga chiefs to stand up on their feet according to Captian Smart who called himself Nii Gyatasuro today on the Onua Maakye Tv morning show. They have allowed the politicians to conquer them on their own land and this is not the same case when Kumasi is taken into consideration. Hardly will you see a politician taking a decision and involving the Ga Mantse even on his own land but whenever they get to Kumasi, everything passes through the Otumfuo of the land.

He says he does not understand why Accra is the capital of Ghana and the chief of the capital is not given that full respect by the politicians.

Gone were the days when people run to hide when they see the Ga Mantse approaching but it is not the case this time. You will even see young ladies dancing to meet him when he is approaching. Politicians are selling and have taken all the lands in Accra like they are the owners of the land, but no that is not it. The land belongs to the Ga Mantse and his elders and so he urges them to get on their feet and not allow the politicians to continue to treat them like they are of no importance in Accra.

He said this is getting serious and it must stop, it is a humble appeal and warning to the Ga Mantse to come up stronger than he is doing now, if not emulate what Otumfuo is doing in Kumasi because the people of Accra are suffering even though Accra is the capital of Ghana.