Hajia4Real falls in swimming pool with Dancegod Lloyd during dance practice [Video]


Hajia 4 Reall and Dancegod Lyod ended up finding themselves in a swimming pool during a dance practice.

The Ghanaian socialite has released a new song she titles ‘Baby’. The afrobeat track features Shatta Wale and becomes Hajia 4 Real’s third single ever since she ventured into the Ghanaian music scene.

The curvy socialite decided to up her dance skills to match her new track. Accordingly, Dancegod Lloyd pulled at her Trasacco home to create a choreography for the song and they finished it in her swimming pool.

During the choreography, the pair happily danced to her song and at a point, Hajia 4 Reall decided to act the lyrics of ‘Baby’, seeing her walk on Dancegod Llyod who was stepping back with the pool behind him.

In the video going viral on social media, the moment the popular Ghanaian dancer noticed he was falling into the pool, he decided to drag along Hajia 4 Real into it so they can make a happy ending to the choreography.

This video has since gathered over 260,000 views on Instagram with almost 2000 comments from social media users who got a lot to say about the video.

Watch the video below;