Watching P0rn As A Man Reduces Your Sexual Performance, Stop It! – Doctor Advises Men


Chief Executive Officer of the American Rejuvenation Centre, Doctor Tyrone Jamar, has cautioned against the excessive watching of pornography, saying that it can negatively affect one’s sexual performance.

Discussing the effects of pornography on relationships on eTV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge show, he said to host, Nana Yaw Odame that there is no scientific study which proves that watching porn is good. He went on to detail on how porn affects sexual performance.

“When it comes to pornography, it affects our neurological ability, that is, our brain which is connected to our nerves, which are also connected to our erection so by exposing yourself to too much porn, your sexual performance is affected because you are not easily aroused and overly sensitized to pornographic images”, he said.

Dr. Tyrone further explained that when someone is overly sensitized to something, then their deactivation from it is prolonged, hence people who watch too much porn become overly sensitized to it and it is harder for them to ejaculate. Also with women, it becomes harder for them to reach orgasm.

The medical expert added that watching too much porn can cause addiction and grow unrealistic expectations. “When this person interacts in real life, it makes him have unrealistic expectations about a woman because the hormone that causes excitement is reduced when it comes to real-life experiences”, he intimated.

Doctor Tyrone clarified that the effects of watching porn do not apply to men only but to women as well, hence women tend to have unrealistic expectations about men during sex and they also take a longer time to reach orgasm and in some cases, do not even orgasm through sexual intercourse.