Whenever a Private Number Calls You, Don’t Panic, Dial This Code Immediately To See The Number


A lot of fraudulent activities is going on in this world now and every one of us has to be very careful and observant about every activity going on in our environment.

People now use the internet for so many purposes which have affected the world either positively or negatively. Technology has improved the standard of living in our world today but some people instead of using it for a good reason, use it for their fraudulent act (419).

In this article today, I’ll be discussing what you should do whenever you see a private number calling you.

Each time you see a private number calling you, you don’t need to panic or be scared. Questions will always go through your mind before you think of picking the call. So you have to be very careful in terms of private numbers.

So let’s talk about how you can get to know who’s calling you whenever a private number calls with these few steps.

1. Whenever a private number calls you, you don’t have to bother yourself about anything. All you need to do is to dial *#30#. As soon as you dial this code, the phone number will pop up, it will take a few minutes before popping up though.

2. Each time a private number calls you and you suspect it’s someone you know, just set a ringtone for that particular number and save yourself the stress.

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