4 Things Every Woman Wants In The Morning But Will Never Tell You

Research has shown that sometimes when you ask a woman what the problem is with her, she will tell you that she is fine, but deep down inside her heart, she is not fine. They behave in a very special and specific way.

You can never tell what a woman wants unless she tells you. You can never read or understand what they have in mind unless they open up and tell you. Generally, women are too difficult to understand.

In this article am to show you 5 things girl want in the morning but she not tell you

  1. First, they want you to wake them up in the morning.

Similar to how you wake up your kids, women behave like kids and wish you to wake them. They wish you to wake them with a good morning message and this makes them feel loved and secure. More importantly they feel you are concerned with them.

  1. Kisses

Most women want you to kiss them in the morning, just a friendly kiss on the cheek will do the trick, try it. She’ll be delighted!

3.They Want To Be Told How Beautiful They Are.

Yummy, my man knows how to create those ‘butterflies in my belly’ feelings whenever we are together. He will look into my eyes and whisper into my ear that he is lucky to have me, and I am the most beautiful woman he has ever met.

  1. They Want To Be Told How They Are Loved

Telling her those words “I love you.” in the morning has a long effect on her mood for the rest of the day


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