Bride leave guests speechless; flaunts her huge m£l0ns in ‘free show’ dress [video]

Most weddings are days of joy and excitement as the couple cannot wait to tie the knot with the love of their lives.

In Africa for instance, weddings are huge affairs and can soon turn into a carnival due to lovely and interesting displays.

A bride has attracted the wrong kind of attention to herself on her wedding day following the attire she chose to step out with on the August occasion.

In a new video sighted by , the lady was seen tying the knot at her traditional marriage.

The lady was seen dancing happily as she was being introduced to the family of her husband but something caught the eye of the guests at the ceremony.

The bride who was seen wearing a beautiful red dress appeared to have made the seamstress sew it in such a way that it exposed her cleavage.

As she danced, it was visible for all to see but she appeared to be unperturbed about it as she showed off what her mother gave her.


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