Big Akwes Reveals That, “He Has Not Repented Yet”

Nana Agradaa’s arrest went viral a few week back for operating two TV stations illegally and also, for still promoting money-doubling rituals, which have since been frowned on nationally, after two young teenagers have killed a friend of theirs, to help them use same spiritual means to make fast wealth, at Kasoa.

Interestingly, aright after bail was permitted for Nana Agradaa, she had announced to the world, how all these have been God’s direct intervention in her life and as such, her decision to be “born-again,” repenting from her traditional worship and fetish priestess job. This also went viral, following Nana Agradaa‘s (now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng) repentance, with people questioning why she will take upon herself the title of an Evangelist, few days of this spiritual exercise.

However, one of the faces best closet to her and was a regular panel on her TV shows is renowned actor, Big Akwes. He can best be described as one person who has been under close watch and has personally described himself as her protégé and was also accomplice in the ‘Sika Gari’ scam.

Big Akwes, whoever came to fame, as a funny controversial character in our local, then bustling Kumawood movies, however, joined her on her TV screens as a panel and even hosting several programs on especially Thunder TV, owned by then Nana Agradaa. 

Big Akwes who was one of the few persons who had been with Nana Agradaa since she started her defrauding business on TV, spoke consistently about the spiritual skills of Agradaa and why people need to bring in their money for it to be doubled. Big Akwes on several occasions during those times with the converted fetish priestess revealed that, for the last three years, he has been working for her, she had gifted him three cars.

Interestingly a few days after Nana Agradaa’s conversion to Christianity, a poster came out, in which he was seen with now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, where they were organizing a powerful worship program and this attracted social media backlash, as some found it funny and many others felt, this might have been another ploy to outwit ordinary people in another money making venture, especially when Christian activities are not supervised legally.

Interestingly, in a video sighted online at, in which he was interviewed, he has made it clear that he Big Akwes has not repented yet, as Nana Agradaa has and that, he may have some time off, to follow suit. Big Akwes, insist that, he has not yet repented and that, all though he will, “the time is not yet due for him to relinquish all the good things I am enjoying.”

This may come as a direct response to what, Evangelist Dinah Asamoah, a well respected gospel artist, who had called on him to also repent and give his life to Christ.

Evangelist Dinah, believed that, if Big Akwes did that, even God will bring healing to his bald head. Evangelist Asamoah, was however hard on Evangelist Koranteng, as according to her, she cannot take the title of an Evangelist this quick but rather, she has to take some time off and get really closer to God and study the word for herself, rather than going public to make some more name and fame for her.


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