Man goes to propose to his girlfriend but catches her having sex with another man

Hmm, it’s very sad when you love someone and they cheat on you. Worse still, do it right in your eyes for you to see.

It’ll surely feel like a knife stuck right in the heart.

Well, a man in a video making rounds on social media went to propose to his girlfriend,

But upon getting to her apartment, he saw something he probably never expected.

And that’s the person he was going to propose to was right on top of another man sucking and enjoy lovemaking with him.

The man upon reaching the flat saw the woman and the man’s silhouette through the curtain as they kissed on the bed.

Heart broken by what he saw, he buried his head in tears.

She was seen at the end of the video looking out from the window and quickly withdrawing after spotting her boyfriend.

The guy went with a group of musicians to propose to her. So if not for their noise, she wouldn’t have known anything is going on.

Click HERE to watch the video

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