Lady cries out in hotel room 206 as energetic man dismantling her honey pot [video]

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A lady screamed hard during sokosoko with an unidentified dude in a hotel room 206 and disturbed the peace of patrons who had booked adjacent rooms.

Social media users have concluded that the lady must be a flesh peddler who had been taken to the hotel by a client and the buyer ensured that he utilized the money that he paid her for to the last penny.

The thirsty guy chewed the ‘cooking pot ’ properly, leaving the lady screaming hard and begging for mercy.

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A snoopy guest who can’t mind his business recorded the crazy sounds coming from the rooms in the lodging, where the hot bonking session was taking place.

The starved dude, who might have been going through a serious dry spell, dismantled the pot like the famous Mollis of ‘I Sullender Fame’’, almost breaking the bed.

The hard sound that were coming out of the room prove that the dude was on a serious mission of representing Team zion fraternity.


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