I will beat Mike Two like my stomach child—Praye Tiatia fumes

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Following the “barren woman”comment that was meted out to Selly Galley, the wife of musician Praye Tiatia, on social media, a lot of people have expressed their disappointment.

The woman who started the whole issue has reached out to Selly Galley and her husband.

In the midst of this apology, a radio presenter who goes by the name, Mike Two has also added onto the whole problem.

The radio presenter posted on his social media page that if some celebrities cannot handle gruesome comments they should leave social media. Because social media is a constituency with no leader so everyone is allowed to air whatever.

This comment from the presenter did not go down well with Praye Tiatia, husband of Selly Galley.

According to the musician, if Mike Two is an ayigbe man like man him, he should come and say such words in front of him. He will beat him like his stomach pikin.

I have to say that is a really low blow coming from Mike Two.

Photo of the post is provided below.

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