The NPP owe me—Patience Nyarko says it all

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Most times politicians and political parties use songs written by musicians for their political rallies and campaign. The question is, do these parties pay for using these songs?

Patience Nyarko in an interview disclosed how the NPP owe her for using her song for their campaign.

Patience Nyarko’s song, “obi nyani me” was used by the NPP in 2016 for their campaign. But according to her, the party didn’t contact her before using her song.

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I mean it’s not right , its a big offence for using someone’s intellectual property without the person’s knowledge and I believe that NPP is a big party which understands all these terminologies so I’m hoping for the right thing to be done,” Patience Nyarko stated.

Patience has strongly warned the party to desist from using her song for campaign or she will sue them. Since it is her intellectual property, she expects to get paid.

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