Why am I subpoenaed to court for something I didn’t do—Criss Waddle

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A lot of times fans and followers of celebrities try to impersonate celebrities by creating social media pages using same name and pictures of the celebrity they are trying to impersonate.

There are times celebrities have come out to deny any association with these fake accounts whenever something goes wrong with the fake accounts.

Musician Criss Waddle has been caught in this predicament. As a fake account created in his name by his fan seems to have gotten him in trouble.

The artiste posted on his Twitter page asking why he should be subpoenaed to for something he didn’t do.

According to him, his account has been verified while the fake account hasn’t. He doesn’t see why he should be mixed up with whatever problem the fake account holder has created.

His fans and followers commented on this post telling him to relax because the judge and the court that summoned him are confused.

Photo of the post is provided below.

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