Yvonne Nelson replies Gloria Sarfo on her lack of support comment


A few days ago Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson’s movies started streaming on one of the biggest movie streaming sites, Netflix.

The actress was very happy about this achievement as well as her fans. But some of her colleagues in the industry commented on the actress’s lack of support.

Kobi Rana posted on his social media page how Yvonne Nelson doesn’t support other movie producers. This post got a lot of positive affirmation from most people including some of her colleagues.

One outstanding comment was that of Gloria Sarfo. She also sided with Kobi Rana’s post. The actress commented it indeed true that Yvonne Nelson doesn’t her colleagues in the industry.

Yvonne Nelson did not take her comment lightly. She tweeted on her Twitter page “Gloria Sarfo, I sent you a DM, you say most people have this impression about me, which of you supported me during my ban in 2010…

Photo of the post is provided below