Any unmarried woman who sleeps with men is a prostitute—Tracy Boakye


A video circulating on social media shows Ghanaian actress ,Tracy Boakye calling unmarried women who sleep with men prostitutes.

According to the actress, if you are a woman and you are not married but still sleep with your partner, is a prostitute.

To her, the women who sleep with men for money are better than those who do not. Because most women in serious relationships do not want to collect money from their partners.

But their partners sleep with them more than the hooker who sleep with random men for money. She stated that some women have been slaving for their partners for years. But the men will not marry them.

Tracy empathized that even housemaids are paid monthly but a woman in a relationship will slave and abort several times for her partner but will end up not being married.

The actress indicated that in a worse case scenario, some of these women end up dying.

Finally, Tracy indicated that she has two policies in life. Thus, if you are doing something, do it well or don’t do it all.