I Nearly Quit Doing Music After only Sixty Out of Thousand Copies of My Album were Bought During My Album Launch—Carl Clottey

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Gospel musician Carl Clottey disclosed in an interview with Zionfelix that way back in 2013, he launched his album and he decided to sell his CD. He made thousand copies but only sixty were bought. Although the auditorium was filled to capacity.

He revealed the journey hasn’t been easy. Because after his great loss in 2013, he decided to quit gospel music. But a spirit spoke to him that he is doing the work of God.

He stated that he got help. Because he has been in a lot of music reality shows like mentor and stars of the future.

He explained that the person who rejected him at his auditions for “Stars of the Future” was the one who recorded his first album of seven tracks.

Finally, he indicated that he is working on releasing his second album.

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