Sister Derby FIghts Fella Makfui On Social Media

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It seems the feud between Sister Derby and Fella Makafui is not ending anytime soon. Ever since Fella Makafui got married to Medikal. Sister Derby and Fella Makafui have been shading each other from the day Fella Makafui started dating Medikal.

When Sister Derby was dating Medikal, Fella Makafui, many a time, imitated Sister derby style of fashion and behavior.

After tying the knot with Medikal, netizens on social media thought that would be the end of the feud. Little did they know it would rather be the beginning of an unending feud.

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Both parties have been shading themselves on twitter and the latest is Sister derby saying that her Sweet Ex song pushed Fella Makafui to do music. She tweeted, “When you are too dumb to realize #SweetEx pushed traders to try and make music.”

Fella Makafui who would not allow Sister Derby to shade her also replied the tweet by saying; “Nothing Westlife no go see for Empty StreetWeary face rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing 2014 I guess …back then i wasn’t even a trader”

Sister Derby reacted to her tweet by saying “You have serious issues if you are always triggered, responding to or over-explaining yourself based on comments that are not even directed at you. Sad.”

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