Shatta Explains His Artistic Direction for His New Sleepless Night Video


Shatta Wale, who is the director of his latest music video, Sleepless Night, has explained his creative direction to Ghanaians who were not connecting with his line of thought.

The video which was shot by sneers seems unusual from his normal type of shoot which is why some people had a problem connecting with the intention behind the video. Explaining to Sammyflex and his pundits he stated that, with the mood, atmosphere, and theme of the song what he did was the perfect fit to express the idea of a Sleepless Night.

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He however admits that contrary to how people were expecting the video to unfold, he took to express himself abstractly which is what some Ghanaians are not used to. He believes Ghanaians are used to the typical, Colloquial “titimatic” style of doing things and are unwilling to open their minds to new possibilities.

Watching the video, it seems to convey the right direction and mood of the song. Sleepless Night currently trends number 10 on Ghana’s Youtube trends with over 96k views in a day. Check it out.