According To Kweku Smoke, This Is What Krakye Geng Means


Kweku smoke, who has been one of the fastest rising musicians in Ghana, has finally explained what the term Krakye Geng means to his fans.

Kweku Smoke in an interview revealed that Krakye Geng is a movement by himself and his partner and friend, Bosom pyung. Krakye geng according to Kweku smoke is some form of a fanbase or movement that is aimed at supporting and instilling good measures into the youth who follow and support the works of these two artists. Further elaborating that, when the two artists come together to make a song, the proceeds are put into the coffers on the Krakye Geng team to support other members who need help in the Krakye Geng movement.

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With the type of relationship and zeal these two artists, Bosom Pyung and Kweku smoke have, Kraky Geng, is expected to be a national youth movement supporting and pushing the “Bo wo Belt” agenda into the hearts of many music lovers.