Shatta Wale to Prove Himself a Man of Action Once Again!


“Africa’s Dancehall King” Shatta Wale’s unprecedented SMFaithConcert has finally been earmarked for 4th April 2020.

After the artist made his intentions clear, some Ghanaians were unsure if it could be done or would materialize, but it seems the artist like always has proven himself a trendsetter as he tries something new.

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On Saturday 4th April from 8pm to 9pm all fans and the rest of the world are to experience a phenomenal moment on their phones or laptops as the concert could be streamed live from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Though an avenue to entertain and encourage his audience, this will give the artist an incredible mileage and win him some more fans all around the world who would probably have the opportunity to see the renowned artist perform for the first time from the comfort of their homes as most people currently remain indoors for the virus to blow over.

Watch video below